A Dating App That Bills Itself As Slow

May 15, 2017

© Joshua Resnick | Dreamstime

Not making a love connection online swiping right?  Perhaps this dating app may help as it takes you back in time before texting was a thing and spoken word was the most advanced way of communication. The Appetence dating app slows things down and works like many other dating app in that you create a profile that includes your likes, interests and tastes from movies, food and fun. The app pairs you up with others with similar interests but rather than show you their profile picture immediately, it shows you a piece of the picture that is covered with a pattern. You unlock the picture by chatting back and forth with each other.  If you like their message, a piece of your profile picture is unlocked. It would take about 100 messages back and forth to unveil each other's pictures and hopefully by that time, your desire to meet is more than just visual. Appetence is free in iTunes and soon available in Google Play.


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