Dating App Allows Friends To Become Matchmakers

September 21, 2017

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Pride yourself in being a matchmaker?  Now you can take those mad skills online with Hinge Matchmaker.  While Hinge already offers singles to search for love online, this new app lets those who are not single to play matchmakers with those already on Hinge.  The app works by reviewing your friends to see if they are using the Hinge service. Then you can begin your matchmaker skills by viewing suggested matches or creates matches yourself and send those matches to your friend.  Those friends can then decide whether or not they want to connect on the Hinge app. You can even invite people to join Hinge so you can include them in your matchmaking efforts. For now, Hinge Matchmaker is a standalone app for iOS only, but it could eventually be integrated into the main Hinge app, which may not be what your single friends want.  But there is a safety net for those not wishing for outside matchmaking helps from your peers.  Inside the Hinge app, you can opt out of Hinge Matchmaker, which is a setting for Apple products.  It requires an opt-out email to the company for Android users.

SOURCE: Tech Crunch

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