Data Suggests Your Name Is Tied To Your Income

January 8, 2018

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What is in a name?  Tradition, uniqueness, your paycheck!  There is some data that suggest people with certain names make more money than others. The job search engine’s ValueMyName tool took first name and salary data from half a million résumés to provide an average salary for 1,200 first names, and they found the names "Ed", "Bill", "Jeff", "Bob" and "Mike" were the top earners for men. For women, "Liz", "Jo", "Michele", "Alexis" and "Jean" were the top 5. The top names have one thing in common, they're common!  A university study found that names that are viewed as the least unique are more likable, and therefore, people with common names are more likely to be hired; on the contrary, people with uncommon names are least likely to be hired. And if your name is hard to pronounce, chances are you’ll be less likely to get hired, and if you do, you may just earn less and people may not like you quite as much. For the KTK morning Show, Christopher is worth more than 63% of other names, Kristin is 2 is worth more than 2% of other names and Storm's “super-secret-only-called-when-he-is-in-trouble” name is worth 99% more than others. You can see where you name stacks up [BY CLICKING HERE].

SOURCE: SheKnows

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