The Dangers of Drinking Hydrogen Peroxide

August 4, 2017

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The Internet is great for obtaining information but a lot of times that information is flat out wrong.  That is the case of the healthy trend of drinking hydrogen peroxide for better health.  Some web sites have gained the attention of the public by encouraging people to drink Food Grade hydrogen peroxide, which is more concentrated than the stuff you buy from the drug store, with eight ounces of water and drinking it three times a day. The web sites claim this alternative therapy is a natural cure or asthma, cancer, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and fatigue.  However doctors are warning people not to purposely ingest hydrogen peroxide as there have been a spike in ER visits where people have drank it. Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant and can be used to bleach your hair and teeth, but there is no medical evidence it is a cure-all when swallowed.  Rather hydrogen peroxide can chemically burn holes your throat and stomach. It can also create oxygen bubbles in your blood stream, which can travel up to the brain and cause seizures and stroke-like symptoms. So use hydrogen peroxide to treat a wound or whiten your teeth but never purposely drink or swallow it.

SOURCE: Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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