Dangers of Deer Near The Road This Time Of The Year

November 10, 2016

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November is known for a lot of things besides falling leaves, cooler temperatures and Thanksgiving.  It is the worst month for car crashes with deer.  Being it is mating season, time recent change and hunting season, deer are generally on the move and cross paths with motorist with about a million collisions a year with the animal.  So to keep yourself, your family and deer safe, remember to be extra diligent on the roadways especially at dawn and dusk and in areas where signs are posted to watch for animals. If safe, use your high beam headlights and be mindful for the reflective eyes.  Also remember that deer generally travel in groups, so if you see one near the road, most likely there are others. If you do hit a deer, don't try to help the animal on your own, but calling the police or one of the local wildlife rehabilitators is the exact right thing to do when a deer and a car collide — it can mean the difference between life and death for animals. Just because the deer is lying there doesn't mean the animal is dead.

Animal Rehibilitation Information via Wild Life Rehab info:

Florida Wildlife Care (24 hours) 352-371-4400

Foundation for Environmental Awareness (24 hours) 352-288-6754

SOURCE: The Dodo

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