The Dangers Of Costume Contacts

October 19, 2016

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With Halloween 12 days away, the final preparations are underway for this year's costume and some of those preparations involve using costume contacts, or contact lenses that change the way your eye looks rather than correct your vision.  A warning from the Federal Trade Commission that all contact lenses, even costume lenses require a prescription from an eye doctor and businesses that sell cosmetic lenses to you without a prescription are selling them illegally. The stern tone underscores the dangerous risks of putting in a contact lens that isn't made for your eye. Although most lenses look the same, they are different based on curvature of your eye.  Contacts that are the wrong base curve and diameter for your eye can damage it and it can range from an infection like pink eye, scratch your eye, causes sores and in severe cases lead to blindness.  Even if you don't use contact lenses to correct your vision, you should seek an eye care professional and obtain a prescription, even if they do not sell costume lenses you want.   Also when purchasing those lenses, if the vendor doesn't ask for a copy of your prescription, they are being sold illegally and you should seek another vendor.

SOURCE: Federal Trade Commission

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