Dairy Products - Especially Cheese - Linked To Increase Risk Of Breast Cancer

March 17, 2017

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Bad news for women who love dairy products, in particular cheddar and cream cheese.  Cancer researchers say that diary products may be linked to an increased risk of breast cancer.  Dairy products contain a growth hormone called IGF-1, which is thought to turn good cells into malignant ones and encourage breast cancer growth. They found cheese raised the risk of breast cancer by 53%, particularly a high intake of cheddar and cream cheeses.  However there is one dairy product that appears to cut the danger by 30% and that is yogurt.  Dairy products have also been linked with obesity, which raises the risk of getting 13 types of cancer. The study reviewed more than 3,000 women over 11 years, measuring dairy intake. Of the 3,000 women, 1,941 were diagnosed with breast cancer prior to the study. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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