Dad Waxes Legs To Let Daughter Know If It Would Be Safe

June 26, 2017

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Sometimes you need experience to offer advice, even when it comes to waxing your legs. One woman shared a story online about her prom and wanting to wax her legs for the first time.  While admitting her mother was distant, she is very close to her father and asked if she could make an appointment for the procedure.  At first her dad said no but she was persistent and he told her that he'd research it.  While many would ask around and perhaps check the Internet, Dad decided to try it himself to get the full effect and make his opinion.  Unknowingly to her, he set up an appointment to have the procedure done.  He requested a full leg wax and the tech was "happy to oblige."  After the procedure, he scheduled an appointment for his daughter the same day and told her that she could only wax up to her knee. While she may have though up to her knee was for modesty reasons on her big night, she later found out that her dad was in agonizing pain after his leg waxing and that he had bruising on his upper thigh from the procedure.  He didn't want his daughter to feel the pain, which is why she could only have it done to her knees.  She only found out about this story a few years ago.  She ended the post with admiration for the man she loves and how thoughtful he is and was.

SOURCE: Reddit

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