A Dachshund Museum Opens In Germany

April 18, 2018

© Lilun | Dreamstime

Here's one to add to your bucket list, Germany has opened the world's first dachshund museum.  Yes, the new Dackelmuseum, a museum dedicated to the wiener dog, opened its doors a couple of hours east of Munich in the city of Passau and it's filled with 4,500 different items celebrating the breed, including toys, icons, canine stamps, artistic prints with sausage dogs as the main character, handmade puppets, and more. The co-founders of the museum have spent the last twenty years collecting items for the museum to honor the dog breed created in the middle ages to flush out badgers and foxes from their burrows so they'd stop attacking the ducks and hens.  The dachshund museum is located in the Bavaria region and has been a symbol of the region, naming a dachshund, Waldi, as the mascot of the 1972 Munich Olympics.

SOURCE: Travel + Leisure

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