Cutting Cake To Keep It Fresher Longer

July 20, 2017

© Photographerlondon | Dreamstime

It's hard to believe you've made it this far in life and are cutting cakes the wrong way!  If you've noticed fondant cakes don't fare well in the refrigerator, it's not your imagination.  It's all because of the way you cut a piece of the cake out.  Typically cutting a triangle piece out of a circular cake leaves the rest of it open to air and the chilled air of the fridge dries it out.  So instead of the triangle cut, do a straight cut through the center of the cake.  Make an additional cut parallel to the first cut and lift out your piece of cake.  Then move the remaining two halves together.  The cake will hang on to its moisture longer resulting in fresh cake for days!

SOURCE: Popsugar

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