Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half Without Coupons

May 1, 2018


It's no secret that your dollar doesn't go as far as it once did in the grocery store.  So when a budgeting expert claims that you can feed a family of four for just over $10 a day, you've got to know her secrets. Nikki Storey runs workshops that provide financial education for families and she says with some planning, you can rein in your food budget and do it without seeking out coupons.  Planning is the key.  For instance, if chicken breasts are on a BOGO special, plan out the week's menu with items you have on hand with chicken being the star! Then timing comes into play.  She says dairy and bakery items are often marked down on Sunday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon is a good time for meat specials. Of course, using the store-brand items is a great way to buy the things you love without the cost. Use the unit pricing to make sure you are really making a good saving when something is on special. That is the individual unit cost usually the smaller number next to the price tag of the item. You can also use your phone's calculator to find it out too.  Simply divide the total cost with the number of items, its weight or volume. Also check out your grocery stores mark down bin for bargains, just remember to buy for needs not wants. Buy cleaning products, toiletries, hair-care products and toilet paper in bulk when there is a really good special and don't miss out on the discount stores for deals too.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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