Customers Rank Publix As Their Favorite Grocery Store Chain

May 11, 2017


When it comes to shopping for your family's food, Publix appears to be America's favorite grocery store.  The new rankings ties Publix with New York-based Wegmans where 12,700 polled shoppers say is their favorite.  Publix, which ranked second for the past four years, earned a first-place tie with Wegmans, with each scoring 77% on Market Force’s Customer Loyalty Index. Trader Joe's was a close seconmd with a score of 76%, followed by Texas-based H-E-B and International brand Adi rounding out the top 5.  The survey also found Publix tops in cleanliness, ease of finding items and fast checkouts.  Trader Joe's won cashier courtesy and Aldi scored the best value for your money.  Organic foods are growing in popularity with over half stating they prefer organic meat and produce when given a choice with 93% of survey-takers saying they have purchased organic produce in the past 30 days.  Check out the entire rankings HERE.

SOURCE: Marketforce Information

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