How To Curb Late Night Snacking

July 12, 2018


Like clockwork, as you prepare for bed, you are interrupted with hunger pains and those pains are usually attended by poor food choices. Even a decent-sized supper, you raid the refrigerator for a few more bites so that you can fall fast to sleep.  Well science says late-night hunger could actually be genetic thanks to your ancestors eating habits.  However if you’re always hungry at night, it might be a reflection of your own eating habits. Experts say your body functions best when it gets the bulk of its nutrition before 2 p.m., because that’s when it’s believed your body and mind are working their hardest and need the most fuel.  So if you are starving come nightfall, it’s probably because you either didn’t eat or drink enough earlier in the day or you didn’t nourish your body with enough essential vitamins and minerals. Craving sweets, like chocolate, may be a sign your body is in need magnesium and craving cheeses and meats are from iron and calcium deficiencies. It is why a balanced diet is so important. Pay attention amount of proteins, healthy fats, and high-fiber foods you're eating throughout the day an try not to fill up on too many simple carb, like cookies and cereal, because your body burns through them really quickly. Remember the later you crave a snack the healthier your snack should be so that your body isn't struggling to break things down overnight. Snacks that are light, such as cottage cheese and fruit, apple slices dipped in peanut butter, carrots and guacamole or even a smoothie, are all options. After all that and you still find yourself hunger, most likely you are hungry because you are bored.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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