Cupboard Cures That Work

November 16, 2016


Ever wonder if some of those old cure-alls handed down from your grandparents work in curing what ails you?  Well if you're up to trying out some advice, give these a shot next time you are not your regular self!  Have a migraine or headache?  Use Aloe Vera.  Yes, the plant typically used on sunburns can soothe your head with its anti-inflammatory properties.  Rub the Aloe Vera juice on your hands and inhale it's fumes should reduce inflammation causing your head to hurt.  Upset stomachs can lead to vomiting and diarrhea, which can dehydrate you and cause a loss of salt.  Boiling rice and drinking the remaining salty water.  The water not only contains salt but carbs from the rice boiling and when in your stomach, they work in tandem.  The rice carbs break down into sugar which is easily absorbed by the stomach and the salty water replenishes depleted reserves. A UTI?  Instead of reaching for cranberry juice, which a study recently said is an ineffective treatment, try a half teaspoon of bicarbonate diluted in water.  Since a UTI stings from the high acidity of urine, the Bicarbonate can neutralize it, while drinking lots of water should help flush out the bacteria causing the pain. Finally to stop snoring, use a rolling pin.  No, not in the way you'd assume.  Snoring is generally more noticeable when the person sleeps on their back.  So reduce snoring by having sweetie lay on their side.  Place a rolling pin next to them so when they attempt to lay on their back, laying on the rolling pion will cause discomfort and keep the snorer on their side. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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