Cruise Company Offers A Sweet Trade Deal For A Snapchat Name

March 30, 2018

© Brett Critchley | Dreamstime

It started off like any other day for 15-year-old Darian Lipscomb.  He had breakfast, headed to school for a full day’s learning.  However around his hometown of Prospect, Virginia, signs were being peppered in locations that said, 'Hey Prospect, does anyone know Darian?' Residents of the small community answered the question just as Darian returned home.  Later a huge billboard truck featuring basketball star Shaquille O'Neal pulled up in front of Darian’s home to ask if he was the Darian with the Snapchat handle @CarnivalCruise.  Indeed he was and that's when an incredible deal was offered to the teen. If Darian gave Carnival Cruise his Snapchat name, they'd give him and his family a $5,000 cruise aboard its newest ship, Carnival Horizon. Darian accepted the offer and was quite shocked Carnival had tracked him down.  Darin, who took up the @CarnivalCruise handle in 2009 after having a great time aboard a Carnival Cruise, will also be treated to customized surprises throughout the trip, which will be documented on the cruise's social channels. Representatives for Carnival said the trade was a fun way to claim the Carnival Cruise name on snapchat while rewarding a super fan.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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