Crows Get Crazy As Their McDonald's Closes For Renovation Work

October 18, 2016

© Isselee | Dreamstime

Yesterday we shared with you the crow that picked through a garbage can and found a baggie of crystal meth.  Now it appears a murder of crows are upset their local McDonald's is closed for renovations.  In the city of Hull in northeastern England, a McDonald's restaurant has temporarily closed for a renovation.  Besides normal customer routines being ruined by the reno, the city's crow population is upset too.  Unable to enjoy scraps of food, they've turned on each other and other birds as their hunger grows.  One business owner said they found a crows standing over a dead pigeon while others say an overpopulation of the birds have led to territory spats with birds fighting each other.  Although experts say the intelligent crows are not likely to feed of larger birds like a pigeon and most likely they were scavenging.  So far, the hungry crows have not attacked people and they're hopeful since the store is closed for a while the crows will find other sources of food.


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