Creepy Clown Delivers Doughnuts

September 27, 2017


A doughnut shop in Texas has capitalizing on our fears of clowns and offered delivery of your dozen doughnuts by a creepy clown! Hurts Donuts has shops scattered across the country but the Frisco, Texas store has gone past the pumpkin spiced latte craze and gone right towards Halloween with a two-day special that offered delivery of doughnuts to any of your friends or family via a terrifying clown.  The company Facebook page shows an IT-inspired clown, with a bouquet of red balloons, delivering boxes of donuts to customers.  The company is weighing its options to increase the creepy clown delivery to other locations as customers appear to be in love with freaking out their friends and family with a creepy clown delivery of doughnuts!

SOURCE: Delish

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