The Creepiest Clown Hotel In America

May 31, 2017

© Melanie Taylor | Dreamstime

Looking for something different for this year's summer vacation?  Head west to the small town of Tonopah, Nevada.  It's sits about half way between Las Vegas and Reno where Highways 95 and 6 meet and which happens to be the home of the Clown Motel and quite possibly the creepiest place on planet Earth. The Clown Motel is the home of hundreds of pale-faced, grinning clowns that decorate its lobby and motel room doors. To add some extra creep, it's sits next to the town cemetery. As you check in you are greeted by a life-size clown sitting in a rocking chair and while you wait for the front desk clerk to check you in, who also is wearing clown pants, you can pick up the latest issue of Clowning Around, the official magazine of the World Clown Association, are also available to interested customers considering a startling change in career.  However if there is someone with coulrophobia (the fear of clowns) in your party, no worries as most of the interior of the rooms are clown-free, with the exception of a clown framing your room number on the front door.  But with free Wi-Fi and good rates, you may find the stay quite enjoyable.  Just don't check under the bed! 

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