Credit Card Skimmer Activity Increasing

May 19, 2017

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An alarming uptick in credit card skimmers has cause for concern, especially at pay-at-the-pump gas stations.  According to the Gainesville Police Department, Florida is one of the top three states for credit card fraud and with the summer traveling season here, police are trying to keep up with a wave of seemingly unstoppable credit card clone fraud.  Ocala Police believe a crime rings from south Florida has recently targeted Marion county gas stations as two Miami men were arrested after officers noticed an external gas tank in the bed of their truck and a wallet containing numerous credit, debit and gift cards that were being used fraudulently. They were charged with 104 charges between them. Law enforcement agencies say we can help in the fight. Report suspicious activity at gas pumps to police.  Protect your credit and debit cards by giving the card reader a good tug or shake to see if comes loose.  Thieves target the furthest out pumps and pump with obstructed views.  Some credit card companies offer a turn on/off feature with their mobile apps.  Simply turn off your card until you need to use it. Use the credit feature instead of debit. Use gift cards. Pay with your card inside or use cash when purchasing fuel.

SOURCE: Gainesville Sun - Ocala Star Banner - Bankrate

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