Creative Ways To Tackle Your Child's Fear Of Monsters

September 6, 2017

© Oocoskun | Dreamstime

At one time or another a child's imagination gets the best of them and that usually leads to a fear of monsters, known as teraphobia.  While you may be quick to calm their nerves by telling them that monsters re not real, a better route may be to go the other way and help them use their vivid imaginations for empowerment. For instance, make up a batch of monster spray and spray your child's closet, under the bed and behind the door and curtain to keep monster out for the night. Monster-vanishing powders, swords and swatters can also be effective weapons. You can even expand their imagination by having your child "dress up" the monster.  Ask them to go into detail on how they'd dress. Lead them to be silly. All of these ideas allows your children to change their own story by adding to it, not ignoring it.

SOURCE: Offpsring

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