Create A Visual Packing Chart So Kids Can Pack Their Own Suitcases

October 4, 2017

© Evgenyatamanenko | Dreamstime

Parents know that if you ask your child to pack their own suitcase for a rip, there's a good chance their bag will hold nothing but toys and perhaps a sock. Kids are eager to do things themselves but lack the experience of what is needed to be included in your suitcase.  Try this nifty hack.  Create a visual packing list and it's super easy to create.  First, decide which clothing items need to be packed. Then open up your computer and access a presentation editor such as Keynote or PowerPoint.  Add a shape that’ll group the gear, and make its "fill" white and its "border" dark to show only the outline. Do an online search for each item to be packed (make sure the picture is fairly basic) and then click ‘Tools’ (below the search box). Under ‘Type,’ select ‘Line drawing.’ Drag the saved images onto the slide. Add any customizations you’d like, such as little stars on the pajamas.  Not only will your child have fun coloring in the outlined shirts, socks and pants, you'll have peace of mind that they are packing clothes needed for your trip.  Consider laminating the sheet to use in the future.

SOURCE: Offspring

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