Create A Meal Board And Take The Stress Out Of Meal Planning

February 14, 2018

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Somewhere we missed the memo about how difficult it can be feed a growing family and with such limited time, meal planning can be an all-day agonizing task.  Many people have switched to weekly meal planning, which not only save your time but money as you are able to map out the week's meals.  Some meal planners say you can even take it a step further by creating a meal prep board.  In what looks like a high school cafeteria menu, the posting of the daily meals for the week.  it takes some work but you begin by mapping out what meals will be prepared when.  Perhaps chicken breasts are on sale this week, so you include an extra chicken dish on your weekly menu.  A BOGO saves you on mac & cheese so add that to the menu.  Once you finished, you populate your large menu board with the week’s meals.  Monday lunch, Monday dinner, Tuesday Lunch, Tuesday dinner and so on.  Not only can the practice save you money at the grocery store, it will free up your mind as to what is needed to prepare dinner.  Plus your family will know a head of time and little helpers can plan on how they can assist the chef! Include fun days like Meatloaf Monday, Tuna Salad Tuesday and Bring a Friend over Friday Night. Pus your artistic side can create an incredible board.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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