Crayola Looks For Help Naming A Newly Discovers Shade Of Blue

May 8, 2017

© Sean Pavone Dreamstime

In March, Crayola announced it was retiring the Dandelion yellow crayon from its box of 24 (the standard issue pack for school children across the country).  Now the company is asking for you to name its new crayon, which is a shade of blue only recently discovered.  Scientists at Oregon State University accidentally discovered the brilliant blue hue when they were experimenting with materials that could be used in electronics. One sample that was heated to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit came out a bright blue color. The color's name is YInMn (yihn-mihn) blue, which isn't the most flattering name.  So Crayola is launching a nationwide contest for you to come up with a more memorable name. Four rounds with a weekly winner to receive a $100 Crayola prize, as described at their web site. Eventually, most likely after an additional contest to narrow down the four prize winner submissions, will join four other blues and replaces the color fans felt needed to go.

SOURCE: Crayola

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