Crash Course on Drinking At Holiday Parties For The Non-Drinker

December 8, 2016

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It is the time of year when your social calendar become pretty book with Christmas and holiday parties. Festive celebration usually involves some sort of an adult beverage and if you rarely partake in them, you may be setting yourself up for a whopper of a headache the next morning.  So we’re gonna give you a crash course on the different effects of alcohol. A good rule of thumb with spirits is the clearer the alcohol, such as vodka, gin, tequila or saké are less likely to produce a hangover than colored liquors.  But clearer isn't the only thing to be aware of, besides not getting too merry with the drinks.  Cheaper brands of beer, wine liquor are not as refined and can create a sickening feeling later on. And be aware of the sneaky champagne and sparkling wines, which are absorbed into the blood stream faster than other drinks thanks the carbon dioxide used in making the sparkling bubble.  So take champagne slowly as its effects will be quicker. However the best advice to avoid a hangover, if you drinking, is to consume water.  Alcohol dehydrates you and that is the root cause of a throbbing hangover headache. Drinking coconut water before and after consuming alcohol not only will hydrate you, but it contains a lot of potassium and natural electrolytes.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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