The CR-V Lady Lost Her License But Continues To Drive Recklessly

May 10, 2017

© Ezumeimages | Dreamstime

You may recall the CR-V Lady, the driver that is so bad that Topeka, Kansas residents created a Facebook page to warn people of her whereabouts. Her 20 years record of speeding, inattentive driving and a DUI has made her sort of a celebrity.  The CR-V Lady, Patricia McDonald, did lose her driver’s license but that hasn't stopped her from driving. While being on the state's diversion program to reinstate her license, she continues to cause problems on the road.  In the last two months she has been accused of two major driving violations, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. Last week, she reportedly got into an altercation with a gas station clerk because she didn't have ID needed to pay for fuel with a check and according to witnesses, was so angry that she drove away recklessly nearly hitting one person.  The CR-V Lady is due in court May 24th and June 1st to answer various driving charges.  The Topeka city prosecutor has reportedly filed a motion to permanently revoke her license.


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