Cousin Ridicules Woman Who Wore Same Outfit At Two Different Weddings

April 7, 2017

© Ariwasabi | Dreamstime

Anyone who has ever been in a wedding can understand the pain of spending a lot of money on a bridesmaid dress that is only worn once.  Even if you are not part of the wedding party, traveling, hotel, wedding gifts can all add up to a lot of money, especially if you have a lot of friends and family typing the knot in a short window of time. One woman shared her story online of attending four weddings since Christmas and to three of those weddings, she wore the same outfit. Two of those weddings were family-related and after the second wedding, a cousin sent over pictures along with a note shaming her for wearing the same outfit to both events. After discussing it with her mother, her cousin's viewpoint was further amplified as the mother also said she should've wore another outfit.  The Internet has chimed in with many agreeing that it's expensive to keep buying new outfits when you have a lot of weddings to attend but point out that outfits should be changed out between events.  Some thought it was a sexist attitude, being that men don't encounter ridicule when they turn up in a suit they've worn countless times before.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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