Couples Unveil Proper Length Of Time To Unveil Embarrassing Body Functions

July 19, 2018


When you date someone new and decide you like them you want them to stick around which is likely why people try to keep some of their less desirable behaviors in check at the start of a relationship. A survey of 1,000 adults reveals both men and women agree you should wait nine months before farting in front of a new partner, and both sexes agree you should wait eight months to disclose your full financial situation. Additionally, women said they wait one year to tell a partner about their flaws, while men say they wait just eight months; and men say they wait ten months to let their partner pop their pimples, while women say they wait one year and seven months before they allow that. Men also would wait 13 months before using the bathroom with the door open, while a woman would wait 14 months, and women said they'd cry in front of their partner after five months, while men say they'd wait 11 months.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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