Couples Loud Love Making Interrupts Tennis Match

April 20, 2017

© Stanko07 | Dreamstime

Tennis enthusiasts got more than they bargained for at the Sarasota Open Tuesday night. As with many sports, there are stretches where boredom come into play.  However you could hardly call the second set between players Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger boring.  In the midst of a heated exchange a loud noise immediately distracted the players, spectators and game announcer.  The loud noise appeared to be the sounds of love and passion.  At first, it was though a spectator's mobile phone was the source of the disturbance but as the match resumed, the passionate shouts returned.  Apparently an apartment across a lake, with its windows open was the source of the ecstasy.  There was little that could be done until the couple’s appreciation for each other ran its course, leading Frances Tiafoe to yell loudly, "It can't be that good!"  Tiafoe ended up beating Krueger in both sets.


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