Couple Waits 9 Years To Open First Disagreement Wedding Gift

September 8, 2016


Marriages begin with vows to love each other through the good and the bad. Brandon and Kathy Gunn made that commitment in 2007.  During the reception, Kathy's great Aunt presented the happy couple with an ominous gift, a plain white box with a card that read, "Do not open until your 1st disagreement.”  The box sat in the couple closet through numerous fights and disagreement; even surviving times the couple though their marriage was over.  However the box remained unopened as the couple felt opening it would indicate their marriage had failed.  Finally, 9 years, three moves and numerous fights later, the box was opened.  What they found inside was advice and tips from Kathy's great Aunt on keeping a relationship together.  There were hand written notes for each of them.  Brandon's note included cash and instructed him to purchase flowers and bottle of wine, while Kathy's also contained cash and told her to buy "a pizza, shrimp or something you both like." She was also instructed to "get a 'bath' ready."  Kathy said Brandon and her decided  to open the box was opened, but not because of another argument, rather they realized their fate was not tied to a box and that maintaining a strong, healthy marriage were never within that box – they were within us. They plan to offer their own disagreement wedding gift for a wedding they were invited to this month.

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