Couple Tries To Buy Car With 4lb of Weed Unknowingly To A Sheriff

December 21, 2017
police lights

While recreational marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado, black market marijuana or marijuana not sourced from a licensed Retail Marijuana Cultivation Facility is not.  Too bad two weed dealers didn't know what when they attempted to purchase a vehicle off Craigslist with four pounds of illegal marijuana.  Perhaps their idea would've work except the seller of the vehicle was none other than the teller County Sheriff. Sheriff Jason Mikesell says he was contacted by 39-year-old Shawn Langley who was interested in buying the vehicle but instead of cash, he offered 4lb of illegal icky sticky!  He even sent photographs of the homegrown black market marijuana and boasted of its quality.  The Sheriff, sworn to his duty agreed to meet Langley at a location, and informed the Teller County Sheriff's Office and Metro Vice Narcotics Unit too.  Langley showed up at the meetup along with his friend, Jane Cravens and were arrested. They were both booked into the Teller County Jail on illegal narcotics charges.


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