Couple Serves Expired Food At Wedding Reception

June 28, 2017

© Viorel Dudau | Dreamstime

There's an old saying at a wedding, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.  But you'd never suspect the "old" portion of that rhyme would be referring to the reception food. Groom, Seigo and his bride, Romilde recently tied the knot and began the celebration at the couple's reception party.  Everyone was surprised at the meal of mac and cheese, pizza and finger foods, including the bride and groom, who had no idea about the menu until it was delivered.  In both an effort to save money and be environmentally conscious, the couple purchased out-of-date food from a local food bank.  Grocery stores usually donates food they can no longer sell to food banks.  Those food banks can sell their gift to raise money if there is a buyer.  In this case, it was the wedding couple.  Seigo said he got the idea while working at a food bank and since neither one of them were picky about the food, it was a no-brainer. The perfectly edible food was a hit and while many wedding couples pay upwards of $50-$100 per guest, their food costs we just under $10 per person.  The couple also saved money by purchasing second-hand wedding clothes, rings and decorations. While the bride and groom had a memorable wedding, they won't be spending a lot of time paying off their special day.  The couple say they paid only a third of the average $40,000 cost of a wedding.


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