A Couple Looking To Start A Family Gets The Shock Of A Lifetime

April 14, 2017

© Christinlola via Dreamstime

Well, this is awkward. A doctor at a Mississippi fertility clinic was forced to reveal some extremely shocking news to a married couple seeking treatment from him: they were actually biological twins. The couple had wanted to learn more about in vitro as they were having difficulty in starting a family.   After performing routine DNA tests, the test revealed a very similar profile of the man and woman and the news that they were siblings was announced.  The couple reportedly broke into laughter and disbelief.  But as they began to think about it, they told the doctor many people remarked on the fact that they had the same birthdays and even looked similar to each other, but they thought it was just a funny coincidence. Apparently the biological parents of the couple had died in a car crash when the siblings were infants, and the twins, who had no close family to adopt them, were taken into state care. From there, they were adopted out to separate families, and due to a filing error, neither foster family had ever been told that their adopted child had a twin. The two met in college and marveled at their similarities.  Sadly it appears the marriage portion of their relationship is over and the couple is reportedly considering the future of their relationship.

SOURCE: Mississippi Herald

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