Couple Keeps Receiving Phantom Amazon Packages

February 9, 2018

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There are times when you shop online and forget about a delivery.  The item was backordered and it just arrived or perhaps you decided to shop after a few glasses of wine and after a couple days you find out what you ordered.  Mike and Kelly Gallivan said they received a delivered package from Amazon last October, yet neither one of them could recall ordering it.  It was a small item and they weren't charged for it.  It would've been easy to chalk it up to a mistake.  But the packages kept coming; each containing cheap stuff like plastic fans & phone chargers at a rate of one to two a week.  Now the couple says it's enough.  The problem is when they contact Amazon to see who is sending items, there is no record.  The merchandise was paid for with a gift card and there is no sender’s name or no address. It begs the question why would someone do it?  It might be worth mentioning that Mike and Kelly Gallivan once worked for Amazon because they now believe all these mysterious packages are part of a worldwide scam to manipulate the all-important buyer reviews posted by Amazon.  Here is now it works.  A seller trying to prop up their product's rating would set up a phony e-mail account that would be used to establish an Amazon account. Then the seller would purchase merchandise with a gift card which has no identifying information about the seller and send it to a random person. Then, the phantom seller, who controls the “buyer’s” e-mail account, writes glowing reviews of the product, thus boosting the Amazon ranking of the product. Once a package is shipped and the recipient weighs in with a review, the recipient is deemed a “verified buyer” writing a “verified review,” which is hugely important in the world of Amazon when verified reviews from verified buyers get the reviewed product better displays when you search for an item. While The Gallivans are working with Amazon to help stop the fraud, they continue to receive random packages.

SOURCE: Boston Globe

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