Could Rust Remover Help With Sensitive Teeth?

September 14, 2016


Sensitive teeth can be a shocker anytime you eat or drink something hot or cold.  Although there are toothpastes and treatment that say they protect sensitive teeth, they don't work all the time.  Perhaps we've been looking at the wrong products.  That's where researchers step in and have discovered that a chemical commonly used as a rust remover may also help desensitize your sensitive teeth. A less jarring name for rust remover is potassium oxalate, which researchers say is thought to block tiny holds found in teeth that make them sensitive to hot and cold. A sticky patch which contains a gel layer of potassium oxalate is being tested as a treatment for people with the condition and it works like a whitening strip, where you apply it to your teeth for about 10 minutes.  The researchers say the treatment lasts up to a month.  More testing is being done but the results are promising.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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