The Costs Of Vacationing With Your Pet

June 23, 2017


While the family plans on a summer vacation, most family pets rarely get the chance to join their family and end up staying at home or being boarded in a kennel.  But there is a growing trend of people taking their pets with them and while the costs of boarding can be expensive, travel experts warn that taking your pets on vacation can be just as pricey. First, taking your pet to the vet for a check up to make sure they're healthy enough to travel.  Flying with a pet can be expensive, depending on the size and distance to travel. You’ll need a health certificate to show the airline that your pet is fit for the trip. An airline approved pet carrier or crate is required and should be study enough to keep them protected and safe.  Yes, pets must pay, upwards of $125 each way for a ride in the cabin and even more money for larger pets that need to be carried in the cargo area. Check your hotel's pet policy and be required to pay non-refundable fees that ranges from $15 to $40 each day of your stay. Finally, if you pet does not already have a microchip, consider getting one in the event they become lost in a strange and unfamiliar area.

SOURCE: Yahoo!

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