Cosmetics You Should Be Storing In The Refrigerator

December 19, 2017

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You've invested a small fortune in cosmetic items.  Lotions, powders and serums that make you look and feel great and you never really give much thought in where you place them in between applications.  It makes sense to keep your cosmetics when you need them, such as your bathroom.  But for some products, the airy, brightness and often damp atmosphere of the bathroom shortens not only can be less effective, it can cost you money in products that don't last you very long. Many cosmetics fare much better in a cool, dark and dry space, such as your refrigerator! For instance, facial mists, toners, and eye creams will serve you better when they are stored in the fridge.  Think about it this way. Applying ice to a swollen ankle reduces swelling, so when you apply facial mists, toners, or eye creams that have been kept in cooler temperatures, they can provide the same shrinking and de-puffing benefits. Products with active ingredients like retinol, benzoyl peroxide, or vitamin C, should not be stored in warm or light-filled spaces like a steamy shower or sunlit windowsill. Products with active ingredients have expiration dates, at which point the active ingredient becomes inactive. Heat, and light can speed up the expiration by weakening the active ingredient over time. Even storing your nail polish in the refrigerator can extend its shelf life, prevent clumping, and shield it from sunlight that may cause discoloration. But here's the catch: In colder temps, the polish's viscosity increases, i.e. gets thicker. So when you want to give yourself a mani or pedi, remove the polish from the fridge and give it a few minutes to adjust to room temperature and thin out. You may even need to give it a few shakes.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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