Cook More With Beer

February 20, 2018

Move over the salt, pepper and garlic powder for a new items to add to your spice rack, beer! Particularly cheap beer! While wine generally gets the green light for cooking, beer also has some tasty benefits. Perhaps you're wondering why foods should be cooked with beer or wine? Simply put the alcohol dissolves fat-soluble flavor compounds better than water, which helps develop rich, deep flavors. While wine can overpower the flavor of foods, beer is milder and can do it job of releasing flavors without tasking like a can of Coors.   Thanks to a blend of starches and sugars, beer adds body when reduced. The carbonation in batters can lift the heaviness of fried foods and since we're talking cheap beer, the costs of a flavor enhancer that creates lush reduction sauces and fluffier foods can save you money you'd normally pay for marinades. However you should avoid malt, IPAs, strong ales and wheat beers and stick with simple and cheap lager beer.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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