Consult Your Doctor Before Starting Any New Diet, Including Fad Ones

April 16, 2018

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When we think of ways to lose weight, we tend to seek out the latest diet craze, or fad.  However our obsession with the Paleo Diet, 5:2 diet, kombucha and even Vegan diet is leading us to make so unhealthy choices with our bodies.  New survey results released indicate that 67% of dieters have opted to go gluten-free despite not being instructed to by a doctor. IT also found that 65% of people on diets have ditched an entire food group, without the caution or guidance from a health professional. Those fad diets pushed on medical shows, online articles and word of mouth can have some serious consequences for your body from problems with the kidney and liver to growth and development problems. So before you begin any diet plan, include more traditional ones, make an appointment with your doctor to get his or her opinion and guidance that will not only help you lose weight but keep healthy.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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