Computer Programmer Develops Software To Give Phone Scammers A Taste of Their Own MEdicine

June 27, 2017


It appears that scammers are getting a taste of their own medicine, thanks to a hacking genius.  By now you've probably received a phone call about back taxes, credit card refinance, your electric bill, winning the lottery or other financial situation where you are transferred to an Indian call center where they attempt to get your banking information and drain your account.  While most just hang up, there are some who fall victim.  But when an Internet security software developer was recently contacted by a scammer poising as an IRS agent, he decided to give them a taste of their own medicine. He created Project Mayhem, a program that calls one particular scammer ring, 28 times per second from 28 different phone numbers.  The scammer is greeted with a recorded looped message, stating they are scammers and these calls will not stop until the scammers stop. Listening to a video of the scammers becoming frustrated is sweet music to anyone who has suffered at the hands of these crooks.  At first the scammers would just hang up, but their next call would be the same looped message, then the next call and so on. Even as the scammers blocked individual phone numbers, the Project mayhem program would just find another phone number and begin to bombard the call center, effectively making their operation unable to operate.  The one example at the Project Mayhem web site went on for four days before the operation completely ceased to operate.  Of course scammers will just start up another operation, to which Project Mayhem creator says he will attack them in the same way.  The unidentified software designer is seeking donations from the public to keep up his work

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