Computer Program Wastes Online Scammer's Time

November 14, 2017

© Svanhorn4245 | Dreamstime

Most of the time our email filters sort out the junk, and scammers, out from your main email box but from time to time a suspicious email arrives of a person of African royalty seeking to move a large sum of money out of their country and if you help them by providing your bank account information, you'll be rewarded with thousands of dollars. While it could be the Internet's oldest scam it still is out there and people still fall for it.  However we now have an ally thanks to the cyber security company, Netsafe.  They've developed a chatbox program that will waste the scammer’s time.  The program is called Re:Scam and work like this.  When you get a dodgy email of questionable merit asking for personal information, forward it to  TThe program will start replying to the scammer for you, doing its very best to waste their time by engaging them in a never-ending loop of tantalizing personal information but never really delivering it. The developers say it is pretty good at wasting scammers time and offer hundreds of examples. Although it won't stop scammers from contacting you, you might just get a little gratification that the tables are turned on a scammer.

SOURCE: The Verge