Computer Keyboard and Mouse Covered In Bacteria

October 17, 2016

The most germs turn up on objects we frequently touch, and a new study finds that our computer keyboards are covered in more bacteria than our toilet bowls are. Researchers swabbed everyday essential work items and found that keyboards have 20,000 times more bacteria than toilet bowls, and your mouse likely has 45,000 times more bacteria than the flush handle. Additionally, work ID badges were found to have 243 times more bacteria than a pet toy. They found four types of bacteria invade our work items, with one being common in food poisoning cases, and the other causing Streptococcal infections. Clean your keyboard by disconnecting it from its power source (the computer or removing its batteries), flipping it over every once in a while to flush out any gunk residing in between the keyboard (vacuum works too). Wipe your keyboard with disinfectant wipes. Make sure that the wipes aren't overly damp and that you squeeze out any excess liquid before wiping the keyboard and wipe dry with a clean cloth. The same method works for your mouse too.

SOURCE: Daily Mail & CNET

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