Complaining Customer Get Banned From Restaurant

April 10, 2018

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What happens when you complain too much? Well for one woman it means she is banned from a local restaurant.  Kelly Smith and her 8-year-old child loved to frequent the Beefeater steakhouse in Wales.  However Kelly has a reputation of complaining quite often and that has led to the owners of the Beefeater steakhouse to ban her from their restaurant.  Kelly said she found out about this from a letter which states, “we believe as the Beefeater, are so clearly unable to meet your requirements in terms of the food quality and the level of service provided, that it would be appropriate if you would kindly refrain from visiting the restaurant in future."  Kelly says she was shocked and recalls only twice when she complained about an undercooked steak and a tough hamburger for her son.  However the restaurant owners said Kelly has complained the last six of her seven visits in order to receive a refund on her meal.  Kelly says she was shocked no staff member informed her whom she said never mentioned anything to her about complaining.


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