Company Working On Drones To Clean Up Dog Poop

March 31, 2017

© Oleksandr Delyk | Dreamstime

Be honest, when you see someone walking their dog in the neighborhood, do you look to see if they're carrying a plastic bag to collect their pet's "leavings?" Pet poop is the subject of many people's anger and frustrations but 21st century technology is about to tackle this age old problem.  A Dutch startup company, called Dogdrones employs a fleet of drones pinpoint dog poop and to remove it!  First, drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras locate a dog's deposit and use GPS coordinates to deploy another robot that is dispatched to clean up the mess. In trials the system works, mostly.  The drones can only detect poo at body temperature, so there is only a small window of detection time.  Additionally, the first generation clean up robots are not big enough to completely eliminate certain sized waste.  However the company says they're on the right path and further development looks promising!

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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