Company Will Photoshop Your Pictures Into A Fake Vacation

July 27, 2018

© Tomas1111 Dreamstime

Why spend all that money and time on vacations when for just a few dollars, you can have your selfies photoshopped into a fake vacation. Krome Photos will Photoshop you into any desired location to make your followers think you’re on an exotic vacation. It's pretty simple too. You upload the photo to Krome either through the web or iPhone app.  Then you select what you want done.  For $3 the Krome editing team will clean up your photo and make it look beautiful. For a few more dollars they'll change out the background and replace it with one of the 10,000 background stock images at their disposal and for $12, they'll do anything you want, totally up to you. From images of Europe or this year's Coachella music festival.  You can even get a free re-edit if you are not satisfied with your fake vacation.  Then you can post them on Facebook and Instagram to show off your incredible summer vacation. It'll be our little secret!

SOURCE: HelloGiggles

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