Company Sells Young Blood To Older Clients

June 2, 2017

© roibul | Dreamstime

A start-up business seems like it would be the perfect job for Dracula.  A company called Ambrosia in northern California buys blood from young people and then transfuses it into the body of an older person.  Ambrosia founder, Jesse Karmazin, pays for the blood of people under the age of 25 and then sells anyone over age 35 a transfusion of the younger blood for $8,000. The inspiration is due to a phenomenon known as parabiosis, in which two beings are sewn together, their veins conjoined. A study a few years ago on the subject noted that certain aspects of aging were reversed in older mice who got blood from younger ones. Karmazin says his clients have seen positive improvements related to heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease and the company currently has about 100 clients.  However critics say there is no clinical evidence that the treatment will be beneficial and is selling false hope.

SOURCE: Vanity Fair

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