Company Says Your Sweat Can be Used To Lock/Unlock Your Phone

November 15, 2017

© Scanrail | Dreamstime

The iPhone X is the first phone to use facial recognition technology to lock and unlock its features but it appears it may be a short-lived option as developers look for other biometric identification, such as your sweat.  Apparently each person's sweat is a little bit different, according to a researchers, and a smart device could learn the secret blend of secretions unique to its owner and therefore offer superior security for your phone.  And while a Vietnamese security software company says it tricked Apple’s Face ID to unlock a phone, the amino acids found in sweat are complex biological systems which make it a lot harder for scammers to replicate. The company behind the research, Halamek, believes this concept could be seen in the real world in the next 5-10 years.  However it will come down to if we as consumers feel comfortable with our phones checking our secretions to determine if you're really you, or if it's too much to simply keep your phone locked!

SOURCE: CNET & Mashable

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