Company Says Their Underwear Doesn't Need Washing For Weeks

May 16, 2018

© Isabel Poulin | Dreamstime

It's unlikely there is a looming underwear shortage anytime soon.  However if you're planning for the worst, or you just don't like doing laundry, a Danish company has created underwear designed to be worn for weeks without needing to be washed. Organic Basics says their Silvertech 2.0 line of undergarments for men and women are made 100% from sustainable materials and are given a special treatment that makes them naturally anti-microbial meaning it will kill 99.9% of all the bacteria and fungi. It is a similar process that NASA uses to purify water on the International Space Station. The products are also described as heat resistant, which also aids in the long term wear of the underwear for weeks. Besides underwear the company makes socks and bath towels that don't need washing for weeks too. The environmentally friendly company aims to reduce carbon footprints left by frequently using washing machines. Their underwear is available to pre-order, and will launch in August 2018.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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