Company Says "Love" Is An Actual Ingredient In Their Food

October 5, 2017

© Diana Opryshko | Dreamstime

Eating food made with love taste better, right?  Not according to the government as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns a Massachusetts bakery to take the word love out of its ingredients label.  The Nashoba Brook Bakery includes "Love" as a key ingredient on its granola packaging. But what is love (Baby Don't Hurt Me, No More)?  The FDA told the bakery last month to remove any “intervening material” from their ingredients lists. “Ingredients required to be declared on the label or labeling of food must be listed by their common or usual name. ‘Love’ is not a common or usual name of an ingredient.” Nashoba’s CEO says the government telling them to remove "love" from its ingredients because it might be deceptive is just silly. But perhaps that special ingredient the company calls "love" may actually be filth.  The FDA also found the company was preparing food in “insanitary conditions.” The bakery plans to respond to all of the group’s notes in a timely manner, but still disagrees with the request to do away with their granola’s sentimental ingredient.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

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