Company Plans To Use DNA To Tailor A Diet Plan That Works

October 27, 2016


Diets work for some and fail for others. The soup diet, banana diet, avocado diet, high protein diet, the list goes on and on but what if the success of your diet lays inside your genetic makeup?  That's the thought behind Habit's, a startup food nutrition company which is using your own DNA to create an individualized food plan for success. A growing body of research suggests that one of the reasons diets often fail is that the same foods can affect people in incredibly different ways.  The same meal provides more calories for some and less for others and can spike glucose levels at varying degrees depending on the individual. So analyzing your DNA should help you pick out the healthiest foods that will increase your chances of losing and keeping off extra weight. Habit's plan start with you giving a blood sample where it is analyzed to identify a series of genetic variations in your DNA that affect how you break down and metabolize foods. Customers are also sent a drink called a “metabolic challenge.” The drink is a cocktail of fats, sugars, and carbohydrates that “challenges the system.” After consumers drink the beverage, they take another series of blood samples which test their blood sugar and lipid levels to see how well their bodies withstand the fat and sugar. Finally, consumers provide a series of body metrics like height, weight, and waist circumference as well as lifestyle habit like how often a person walks, runs, or exercises. All of this analysis leads to a personalized meal plan of foods that works best for the user’s body.  The company plans to launch it services in a few months.

SOURCE: Popular Science

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