Company Makes Pads that Stick To The Soles Of Your Feet

June 23, 2017

© Kemaltaner | Dreamstime

It never fails that you end up playing an impromptu game of hot lava when walking through the hot sand of the beach or the concrete of a pool deck.  While a pair of flip-flops help, they can be cumbersome as you take them on and off going into the water.  Perhaps that's the thought behind Nakefit, hypoallergenic adhesive pads that you stick onto the soles of your feet with no visible line or strap on the top of your foot.  Nakefit is an outline of a left and right foot that waterproof, anti-slip and according to the Italian makers of the sole, perfect for all day wear.  They come in three colors of black, pink and light blue. One pack contain 10 pairs of Nakefit soles and costs $33.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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